Pure Pink Pleasure


Magic is in the color,
The pure pleasure of light
Hitting flower petals,
Then arcing across to me.
Pink makes me feel peaceful,
A magic balm to my spirit.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: A pink orchid symbolizes pure affection, and pure affection is what I have for fairy tale lovers everywhere! This poem is dedicated to Michelle Marie and Jeanne Marie, the Queens of Pink, and to all the lovers of fairy tales everywhere.

50 thoughts on “Pure Pink Pleasure

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    Pure Pink Pleasure from Brenda over at Friendly Fairy Tales is thinkingPink with us. She says Pink makes me feel peaceful and I could not agree with her more. Visit her sweet blog if you haven’t at
    I have just reblogged this on thinkingpinkx2 mine and Jeanne Marie’s Pink Therapy! Come join us @https://thinkingpinkx2.wordpress.com Pink isn’t just a color it’s a way of thinking about the softer side of life! Seeing the beauty in the trees, flowers, clouds, sunrises and sunset. In the smiles on loved ones faces. Well just visit Brenda and you’ll see what PINK living can do for you! ❤ this!


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    PURE PINK PLEASURE from sweet Pink Brenda. Pink makes me feel peaceful she says and I totally agree with her! This is full of love and full of PINK it’s Pinkalicious! ❤ you sweet Brenda for thinkingPINK with us! MichelleMarie


  4. YES YES YES YES~Stunning image I love this! It’s perfectly PINK. Yay! PINK makes me feel peaceful too! I’ve had this open all morning and you are perfect in PINK time! Isn’t that so amazing! ❤ this. PINK needs your PINK today! I need YOUR PINK! ❤ huge hugs!


  5. I love pink too!! 🙂 And I love Fairy Tales! 🙂 And I have “The pink Fairy Book” by Andrew Lang!! 🙂 And I love this poem very very much!! 🙂 Thank you lovely Fairy-Brenda! 🙂 🙂


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