Tree Bling

Charles River in Fall

When the trees bling
And the colors zing,
Joy is on an upswing.
My heart begins to sing,
My spirit takes wing,
Dancing a highland fling
As if I’m in a fairy ring.

Note: This weekend is Columbus Day Weekend here in New England. We harvest apples, press cider and hike in the woods. The holiday is controversial. In 1492, Columbus sailed the blue. Some claim he “discovered” America, but others argue he came rather late to the party. Asians had crossed the land bridge thousands of years before 1492, and millions already lived in the Americas. Viking and Chinese explorers had already beaten him to the Americas by sea as well. That’s water under the bridge now, and my family has been settled here for hundreds of years. When the leaves change, I am extra-thankful to be here, as magic reveals the luminous color underlying the green. The riverside becomes a place of otherworldly beauty. Whether or not you celebrate Columbus Day as a day of discovery, I hope you discover magic in the world today. It’s there every day, whether or not we recognize it.

50 thoughts on “Tree Bling

  1. I surely hope we don’t need a special day to see the magic in our world. Like you said, its around us all the time, we just have to look. By the way, i was wondering if you consider the Tall Tales that village storytellers such as my father used to entertain people with, as fitting in the catagory of Fairy Tales? You can find an example of what I mean if you find yourself back on my site by looking in the top, right-hand column for a Tall Tale called “Un-bear-able” that I kind of adopted from a story my father told me once. Just if you get a chance, let me know if it qualifies for Mr. Einstein’s comment.


  2. Vibrant, beautiful leaves, I love your tree leaf bling Brenda, picture and poem! 🙂 I found a quote the other week by Albert Camus “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” It just reminded me of your colourful tree by the river!


  3. I love the brightness of the fall colors and am always drawn to water, too. This was a perfect combination of words well written, photo including the lovely golden hues and water streaming behind it. I am excited they celebrate Columbus Days in such a lively and interactive way, Brenda! I mentioned Columbus, as I do so many holidays, in my monthly calendar, but always wonder if it means anything. Now, I can see part of the country doesn’t just think it is a government day off or a shopping sales day! Hip hip, hooray for Columbus Day!


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