Nature’s Joy for Moms


Plugged into pretty pink,
Powered on, pumped and plumped,
Pleased to hear parties planned.


Just jazzed by joy,
Jumping for color,
Jogging my memory.


Many other happy springs:
Mingled colors and aromas,
Mother’s Day memories.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This post is dedicated to all moms, full-time, part-time, for-all-time moms. Moms near, moms far, moms always in the heart, whatever the name: Mom, Mum, Mam, Mama, Mommy, Step-Mom, Ma, Mamasita, Mother. Please let me know other names for Moms, and I will add them here. Much love to all Moms!!

Happy Mother’s Day to these special moms:

Sue Ann, Fairport, New York (Get Well Soon and come home from the hospital, too!!)
Jessie, Palm Springs, California
Jo Anne, Los Angeles, California
Mary, Bedford, Massachusetts
Cathryn, Burlington, Massachusetts
Julie, Billerica, Massachusetts
Jennie, Billerica, Massachusetts
Mickey, Syracuse, New York
Susan, Fairport, New York
Ellen, Newton, Massachusetts
Donna, Machias, Maine
Elizabeth, or Betty, Matias, New York (and Happy Early Birthday, too!!)

47 thoughts on “Nature’s Joy for Moms

  1. What a lovely celebration of flowers – and pinkness!!? Perfect for Mothers Day! I hope you had a wonderful day Brenda, and were treated like queen bee! 😀

    PS. Been trying to make comments on your blog for a few days, WordPress connection problems again. If I stop half way through this, you’ll know why! If that happens I will come back as soon as it will allow me, very hit and miss at the moment. 😐


  2. All that colour is blinding! A spectacular show of photos 😀 a beautiful tribute to mums everywhere, lovely writing x


  3. Thanks for the beautiful flowers for Moms! If you are adding names, my Mom is in a nursing home in Matias, NY. She will be 87 May 25. Her name is Elizabeth; many know her as Betty.


  4. Beautifully done! I enjoy it when there is playfulness in your words, lighthearted thoughts and fond memories of Mother’s Days past… Hugs for you from me. Happy Mother’s Day back to you! Hope you get something homemade and special from your creative children! Robin


    • Thanks, and I hope you are surrounded by your loving family. I’m hoping for a homemade breakfast, that is all I could want. My daughter made me a bracelet. 🙂 Hugs, Brenda


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