Don’t look now! It’s my BIRTHDAY!!

I’m a Spring baby, born to dance like the spring flowers. To share my spring joy, I made this video:

I won’t tell you how many years I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t trade one because they’ve brought me to this happy place. This year, I’m hoping for clear weather on my birthday, because I want to visit the ocean with my three kids. I’ll try to take some pictures for all of you. Meanwhile, some birthday treats for anyone who wants to be part of the party:

Thanks to Iliana at the White Rabbit’s Gallery for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Iliana is a terrific imaginative person, who loves magic and music, like I do! I hope you will visit her. 🙂


Iliana then came along again and gave me the Yoda Inner Peace Award!! And when I visited Don Charisma, the maker of this new icon for the Inner Peace Award, lo and behold, he had given it to me, too. The only rule is to write why you are accepting it. I always strive toward inner peace, because that make me a better parent. My children feel more secure, knowing I am calm and in control of my own feelings. I am more able to feel joy and see magic, which often surrounds me, if I can achieve the inner calm to notice and recognize it. I have written a whole post on Inner Peace in the past, for which I made my first ever movie.


Marlyn at Kintal then awarded me the Angel Award. Marlyn is a terrific Philippine blogger, combining art and words to make magic. She also knows the secret to a happy family!


Thanks to Don Charisma, for awarding me the new Disco Flutterby Award, aka the Butterfly Light Award. I am forbidden to make this part of a host of other awards, but naughty girl that I am, I’m going to ignore most of his rules (check out the link to his site to find rules). I will link to the maker of the award, Belinda, a funny lady at Idiot Writing. He also asks for a short paragraph entitled either “How I’m Spreading Light” or “How I’m A Positive Influence.”

How I’m A Positive Influence:  My mission is to try to help kids of all ages be more joyful and lighten burdens with fairy tales, poetry and nature photography. When we focus on magic, beauty and possibility, our imaginations can find other worlds, far away from our own troubles. Books saved me when I was young, and I want to give back in my way. I’m at work daily creating a safe site for kids of all ages to come, read stories, get inspired, feel connected, and set their cares aside for a few moments.

Butterfly light award gif

Thanks to Anne Bell at TalesAlongtheWay for the Being a Light in the World Award.  Anne was a teacher and is now a world traveler with insights into the diverse, colorful world of India. Namaste, Anne!


Thanks to Barbara at IdealisticRebel who has given me the Seed of Light Award. Barbara is celebrating life and women’s issues, and cares about so many, many things. She even cares about the tiniest of lifeforms, the seed.

David Mutuku also awarded me the Seed of Light Award with these words, musing on the symbolism: “humble beginnings while simultaneously projecting a destiny of glorious opportunities limitless in beckon; a universal spark evoking inspiration in song and wonder.” He’s a deep and poetic guy. Thanks, David!

A seed has all its parents’ hopes and dreams, all resting in one tiny package. Life force is really that pure and simple, no elaborate thought or understanding is required. Possibility is enough. If only our dreams were like seeds, lying dormant until just the right combination of water, earth and air make their germination an unstoppable force of beauty. Thanks Barbara for including me in your circle of life.



Thanks to Dear Kitty for awarding me the Semper Fidelis Award. Dear Kitty publishes on a wide variety of topics: animals, peace and war, science, social justice, women’s issues, arts, and much more.  She’s been blogging since 2005!!

Semper Fidelis Award

Thanks to Aquileana for Four Awards, the Inner Peace Award, the Sunshine Award, the Most Influential Blogger and the Awesome Blog Content ABC Award, all of which I have gotten in the past, and I will put up my award acceptance token that I use for multiple awards.

Bouquet of Awards, Symphony of Color



To celebrate my birthday, I want to give any blogger who reads this post any of the above awards appropriate to you and which you don’t already have, with my blessings and gratitude for making my magic corner of the world so populous and fun!!

To express heartfelt gratitude to all my readers and all fairy tale lovers, some more views of New England in early spring:

IMG_6438 Tree Elbow Magnolia Bloom Magnolias blooming Path in woods

With Deep Appreciation, Brenda

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham


130 thoughts on “Don’t look now! It’s my BIRTHDAY!!

  1. The video is fabulous! And when are we women going to start shouting to the Heavens in gratitude for as many wonderful years of life with which we’ve been blessed? I am celebrating 75, yes, 75 years on-planet this go-round!! And just look at me! Still hot! Shout out those years proudly, my sister! And continue sharing your creativity with a world starved for beauty and love.


    • Woo-hoo! 75! Congrats to you! I’m so happy you liked my video. Two of my kids and I went out on a windy day taking a series of videos standing on people’s lawns. It was the only windy day! What luck I had that day.


  2. That’s my favourite kind of video, pink blossom blowing in the wind with blue skies – aahh lovely! Well done for that it was really gorgeous!! 🙂 I have a YouTube account now, so I’ll try and remember to give it a like when I’m next logged in. And happy day birthday girl – I hope you had a lovely day Brenda! 😀


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