Happy Birthday Brenda~friendlyfairytales

I am overjoyed that my awesome-in-pink buddies posted me birthday wishes. They are so talented and thoughtful. I’m of a mind to have strawberry sorbet and pink fairy cakes! I hope you all feel the magic! Warmly, Brenda



Happy Birthday Brenda, for your friends Jeanne Marie and MichelleMarie thinkingpinkX2.

We hope you have a lovely day
So we made this card to send your way
We think you’re extra, special and nice
Cause that’s how we roll @thinkingpinkX2 twice!

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Don’t look now! It’s my BIRTHDAY!!

I’m a Spring baby, born to dance like the spring flowers. To share my spring joy, I made this video:

I won’t tell you how many years I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t trade one because they’ve brought me to this happy place. This year, I’m hoping for clear weather on my birthday, because I want to visit the ocean with my three kids. I’ll try to take some pictures for all of you. Meanwhile, some birthday treats for anyone who wants to be part of the party:

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