Infernal Internal Poem: Fae Clan

Blue Green Bracket Fungus in Early Spring

Blue with missing sun’s hue,
Forlorn fungus is winter worn.
Spring, its insides begin to zing —
Humongous will grow the fungus.

See some color in the woods like me,
Hiding fairies will be giggling, gliding.
Pearly wings beat, sending air whirling.
Can you hear them? They are the Fae Clan!

Thin hibernating animals can now grin,
Food is aplenty, no time to brood.
Fairies plan to gather and be merry:
Sharing, dancing, laughing, caring.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: The Infernal Internal is a new poetry form I created. The first and last words within each line rhyme.

21 thoughts on “Infernal Internal Poem: Fae Clan

  1. I have nominated you for the ‘Seed of Light Award’. Please accept this as my appreciation of your creativity and inspiration you’ve continued to be. Thank you! Regards,


  2. Oh, the whole video came!! I did not know that, Sorry!! I though only the link would come. I don’t know if you want it amongst the comments, if you don’t then you can delete this comment!


      • Yes, I just did copy and paste on the address for the specific site. I normally share links like that, but I did not know that it would copy and paste the whole video!! I think I have many likes on my nursery rhymes, I have not checked, but I got lots of comments!! And I got to meet some new people, and see some new lovely blogs!! Thank you so much for that!!! 🙂


  3. Oh, Brenda!! You write the most wonderful fairy poems! I love them so! Magical! You must go to Fairyland often! I wish I could go and play and dance with those fairies you describe! They are lovely! I had to listen to this after reading your poem:


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