Zealous Yellow

Lavender Moon Girl has brought sunshine to earth with her glowing photos and words. I hope you enjoy them! Have a great weekend! Warmly, Brenda

Lavender Moon Girl's Blog

Zealous Yellow

Zealous yellow petals
Stretching for the sun.
Smiling stylish faces,
Miles and miles
Of fun!

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19 thoughts on “Zealous Yellow

    • It’s like coffee, it wakes you up looking at all that fabulous yellow! Thanks for stopping by. I need to come visit you soon, too, since I haven’t seen anything in my reader recently. I don’t know if I have the energy tonight. Three nature walks today!! Three!! All my muscles are either stiff or sore.


    • Yes, indeed!! Cheery and lifting! Sorry about the lack of speed, your comment was wedged firmly amidst 75 spam comments, but I extracted it successfully without loss of life. Whew!


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