Cherry Intoxication

Drunk with cherry blossom aroma,
The tiniest fairy weaves a crooked path,
Skating down pink branches and
Leaping petal to petal, wings beating happily.
The pollen coats her so thickly,
The bees start to pursue her.

Cherry blossoms in Spring

She shimmers into her other form.
A pale white butterfly flutters
Where once a tiny girl with wings flew.
The bees give up the chase,
Turnings back to the cherry blooms,
Here for such a short time.

 Juniper Berries in Spring

Erratically, the fae-butterfly flies,
Lighting finally on a juniper bush.
She changes back to a young girl,
Sipping nectar from the blue dew-cones.
Her transparent wings flitter, flutter.
Then on into spring she adventures.

 Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

51 thoughts on “Cherry Intoxication

  1. If you like cherry blossoms you’d love Portland, Oregon Brenda. It’s fun walking around here in Spring with everything blooming at the same time. It’s tulip season, rhododendron season and the cherry trees are covering the roads, roads and sidewalks with cherry petals. We have a literal Garden of Eden in the Pacific Northwest. It continues all year long as the dahlias take their turn to bless us. Oregon is one of the largest producers of fresh cherries in the world along with hazelnuts and commercially grown flowers and Christmas trees.


      • Rain, this isn’t rain. Before moving to Portland I lived for 15 years in Aiken, SC. Now that’s rain! The have electrical storms there they refer to as “frog stranglers”. It pours so hard you can’t see your hand held out in front of your face. It can rain all day in Portland and accumulate one tenth of an inch. That’s not rain! LOL


    • LOL Me, too! I saw a large black bumble bee last night that looked quite drunk on cherry blossom nectar. I was out shooting video for a new FFT vid with flowering trees. Luckily I didn’t get stung once!


  2. Hello Brenda.

    I stopped by to read more !!!…

    A very dyonisian approach…

    But quite more harmless as we just get drunk with the scent of the cherry trees in blossom..

    Your writing is very evocative .
    And in this particular poem: bucolic and with a baroque imagery…

    Very well written , honey.

    Best wishes, Aquileana 😛


    • Aquileana, Thanks for all that classical praise, yum! Yes, I’m not quite as hard-core as Dionysus and his followers. I was trying to find a way to describe that joy I feel when I am out in the world, climbing mountainsides or hidden beneath a weeping cherry in bloom. It’s transporting. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to more romps in your blogs, too. 🙂 Cheers, Brenda


  3. Brenda, Smiling you bring up so much from my past. I worked in DC for almost 30 years, And Cherry BLossom time was very important to the city. Without question you could get drunk on sight and smell, the hundreds and hundreds of tress surrounding the tidal pool. It was a vision of pure joy. Another part of living in that area I miss. Take care, Bill PS — as much as I miss it I don’t miss it so much I am willing to move back.


    • Yes, it’s sad that swooning is a thing of the past, because that many cheery trees would make me want to make some sort of memorable dramatic gesture. 🙂 Or perhaps just write a fairy tale… Perhaps not to move back. Perhaps just a visit… If I have time, I plan to put together a video with cherry blossoms in the wind. We’ll see… I have a writer’s conference I should be preparing for as well. LOL So busy! Hugs, Brenda


  4. That’s so gorgeous. Some of your faery poems, stories and photographs would make the most delightful book for parents to share with children. Have you ever thought of publishing online? You can get hard copies published quite simply. It could be a good seller and be quite a magical addition to any little girl’s library – not to mention a wonderful stimulus to the imagination.


    • Suzanne, You are so sweet!! Oh, I think about putting together a book a lot. I’m old-fashioned, I guess. I’m still hoping to find a traditional publisher for my novel. I’m afraid if I start self-publishing, that will take all my time, and I never will find an agent or traditional publisher. Sooner or later, I want to put together a kids’ book, but photo books are prohibitively expensive to produce. Illustrations are much cheaper to produce. I guess I’ll have to look into it eventually. My main interest is in writing. I love to write every single day if I can. 🙂 Thanks for your lovely words!! Brenda


  5. Oh, this is the sweetest, loveliest, most magical, cutest, and most wonderful poem ever!! I love it so! Cherry blossom fairy!! I want to be one! I love cherry blossoms!! (I was once told that if my soul was a flower it would be a cherry blossom! 🙂 ) Maybe I change into a fairy at night and go zooming around the trees! 🙂 How lovely! I love your fairy poems the best Brenda!! 🙂 (oh, and have you read the story by Louisa May Alcott about the little girl who goes visiting Fairyland?) Big (or maybe they are actually quite tiny!) Fairy Hugs to you! (I hope you like the nursery rhymes I published today, I am just so excited to show you!! ) 🙂


    • You write beautifully for kids, my friend. Truly lovely poems. Thanks for your lovely words on my poem. It was raining today, and I couldn’t walk, but I could write with pictures from the day before! I hope all the petals aren’t gone already!! 🙂


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