Triquain: Hyacinth


Flowers bow to morning,
Embracing hope for a warm spring,
Ready to rise up and have some fun in the sun,
Celebrating the warming spring days,
Dancing with new tulips:


Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: The triquain is a 7-line poem with syllables increasing then decreasing by threes: 3, 6, 9, 12, 9, 6, and 3. Longer versions and complicated repeating content are also common flavors, but I chose to keep it simple for my first try. This was inspired by the Paint Your World with Words Weekly Poetry Prompt, Triquain.

58 thoughts on “Triquain: Hyacinth

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  2. Mesmerizing and beautiful! I like how you are writing these nature poems and making us feel spring. I feel delighted to read your poems every week, so motivating and refreshing in their own way. ❤ it!

    Thank you for your participation!



    • Happy to be managing to participate, despite crazy busy weeks. April has not been an easy month for me, but I have high hopes for May! 🙂 Thanks for running a prompt, it’s been fun learning new forms. Cheers, Brenda


  3. Wow I don’t think I would be brave enough to try this poetry style! If normal haikus give me a headache imagine what this would do to me. . . LOL enjoyed and admire this post, your hyacinths look wonderful! 😀 x


    • Ease your way there. You might find you have a subject with too much to say to fit it into three thoughts. I like the various forms for different things. And sometimes I like free verse and sometimes rhyme. I’ve always had too many hobbies. LOL Thanks for your lovely words. Cheers, Brenda


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  5. Brenda, I really don’t remember these being in our yard when we lived up north, I don’t know how my wife coud have missed such beautiful flowers, she had everything else in her gardens. Take care, Bill


    • The scent is strong. Perhaps she didn’t like the way they smell. For me, narcissus is way too strong. I don’t plant that. Narcissus is also called Paperwhites.

      You enjoying your bachelor week? You take care, too! Warmly, Brenda


      • I might… after April is over. But I might just borrow the form for now 😉

        I’m almost doing three pieces a day as it is. 🙂 And that’s cutting in on my sleep time (giggle).


        • Wow, 3 pieces a day!! It’s a rare day I manage that many. What a powerhouse you are!! I’m trying to write a novel on the side, as well as care for my three kids, and some days I think my eyes will pop out!! LOL


      • Yes – summer was a very hot five minutes – it feels like a dream now as we seem to be heading into a very early and cold winter. Climate change sure is unpredictable. I love the flower photos you are currently taking. I rarely see those flowers these days – I used to have them when I lived in the mountains but that was many years ago. Re – online publishing – I tried it last year and found it a lot of work for very little reward. Your stuff seems to have more commercial appeal tho.


        • Oh, I don’t know if I have commercial appeal. I was surprised when I started getting so many followers. I’m still surprised, and a bit overwhelmed.

          A friend in publishing (at Harlequin) said publishers won’t publish anything already up on a blog unless the numbers climb into the hundreds of thousands or millions. I couldn’t handle that much traffic and blog the same way. I’m already drowning in comments, much as I love them. I’m always behind in reading. I guess eventually I will have to do what OM (do you know him?) does and not take time to read what others are writing. He’s got over thirty thousand followers, but even that isn’t in the ballpark for a publisher, from what I’ve heard. I don’t really want to do that, though. It’s a dilemma I never expected to face, honestly. I don’t know the answers to it, but trying to find time to self-publish would be difficult.


          • For the self publishing – you could just start collecting what you have already written together in one Word Document. Once you have enough simply go to Kindle and follow their instructions to upload your manuscript into a book format. It’s free but takes quite a few hours to get organised. I’m not sure how you include images though there is that option on Kindle. To create hard copies you have to apply for an ISBN (the international serial number that you see on all published books), Once you have that, people can order a hard copy and Kindle prints it out. I looked at other publishers like Lulu and one called something like Smashwords but I found the Kindle site easiest to understand. It does take a while to get familiar with the process – a self published author helped me through and I could do the same for you but I am no expert..
            Food for thought anyway. The trick is in the marketing. With so many followers I think you stand a very chance of getting lots people buying and reading your books.


            • Some people have recommended createspace, but I think a photo book would be too expensive. I guess if I did it on kindle, then I should be able to use photos. Intriguing!! What a generous offer!! I will give it thought after my writer’s conference next week. 🙂 Hugs, Brenda


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