Playful Spring Etheree


Playful, hungry,
Hopping, chattering,
Finding bird feeder seed,
Darting to her Red Roof Inn.
Squirrels chase along high wires,
Chittering, chattering, fat from greed.
Thin bird chides them, twittering, fluttering.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This poem is an etheree, for another or an explanation of the form, click here.

38 thoughts on “Playful Spring Etheree

  1. I love how the words you chose give a sense of the bird’s motion (the flittering of chickadees!). It really makes you see the bird’s flight through words!


    • Kirsten, Oh, what a nice thing to say, thanks!! They were really active and hopping all over. It made me stop and smile. I was surprised my camera was able to capture the bird so clearly. Thanks for commenting! Warmly, Brenda


  2. A wonderful poem. It takes a lot of talent to write such an intriguing poem but to also make it into a perfect pyramid? Wow, well done.


    • I thought the form suited the moment. The quieter I was, the busier the tiny critters got, the bolder, louder and more feisty. It thought the progression of the pyramid helped convey that. Always happy to see your comments, Charly! Take care, Brenda


    • Kate, I wrote my first etheree, believing I had invented the form, but as is true with so many things, someone was there before me. Luckily I like to do research, so I didn’t embarrass myself. I like the research you do, too. 🙂 Cheers, Brenda


    • Aussa, I’m so happy you stopped by my magic world. 🙂 Too much symmetry can be a bit oppressive, I agree, but I do like progressions, and that’s why I like the etheree. Are you enjoying your new fame? Or has it become oppressive. I have so much trouble keeping up that I’m not sure more fame would be good. Not that I would turn it down… LOL Warmly, Brenda


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