Increasing Seeds in Fall


Sticky Blooms
Carried by birds
Scattered by rainstorms
Sticking to animals
Silk expanding on breezes
Tiny hopes for the plant’s future
Carrying next year’s dreams, hearts aloft
Dormant all winter, waiting to burst forth.


Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This poem is an Etheree, starting with one syllable on the first line and increasing to 10, one syllable per line.

28 thoughts on “Increasing Seeds in Fall

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    • Thanks, I didn’t know it had a name until I went looking through a poetry glossary. It was fun to write, but tricky… For awhile I had two lines of 5 syllables and 2 of 7.


  2. I like the seeds..and they are ?
    your photos give the seed pods and seeds a beautiful voice..
    not sure what “Etheree,” is but I will read till I figure it out..(visual learner )
    Great Post Brenda as always …!
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • Thanks! I really love this time of year, where the past, the present and future are all interchanging, with wilted flowers, late blooms and seedpods all vying for attention.


  3. I carry a tiny little Elph (I know, right?) in my purse for any passing photogenic phenomena, but seriously, your photos are superior by far. Seriously thinking about an iPhone now… 🙂 Wonderful poem; etherees always feel like they end on the promise of more.


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