The In-Between

It’s in the in-between
that the real magic happens.
The seeds are planted,
the roots take hold…
and we blossom into who
we were meant to be.

Kristen Jongen


Twilight is an in-between:
Familiar shapes become strange,
Small things fly past and depart unseen.
Even colors seem to change.

Night swirls her midnight cloak;
Her crimson gloves leaves smudges
Of rosy beauty for all commuter folk
To brighten evening trudges.

I throw off my worries of the day,
Set all the heavy burdens down,
Ponder curves rounded on my way
And turn problems upside-down.

This is the right time to plan:
In between the days, one fading,
Streetlights glowing cyan,
Morning’s possibilities parading.

Tomorrow is soon enough
To take all my troubles up,
Even when the pressure is rough,
I embrace this magic time to sup.

Sips of sunset’s beauty rare
Behind black bare-branched trees.
Sweet robin has a song to share.
There in twilight I find ease.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Thanks to Theresa at Soul Gatherings, who first used the above quote and renewed my interest in the in-between.

53 thoughts on “The In-Between

  1. This is how I feel about sunrise too…a beautiful transition and new possibilities. I thought about this this morning watching the sun peek up and the new leaves emerging on our fig tree.


    • Oh, I have a fig tree, too. I hope it makes it through the winter! Have you eaten figs from it? I have such hopes for mine. And sunrises are so beautiful.


  2. Brenda, I have come back to this twice today — I loved it this morning (before the day I had) and I love it even more at the end of the day (after I let the day I had melt away). So well done!


    • Thanks, I guess it works for the sunrise, too. That time of transition from home to work/school/obligations and then going back again, is always time to renew and regroup for me. 🙂 I’m so happy you like it, and I’m honored you read it twice in one day. Hugs, Brenda


  3. Hi Brenda, Thanks for being so quick to read and like “Sifting for Gold”. I found your opening poem today to be relevant, so I have re-blogged it as a Better Endings quote with this post.- Linda


    • Hm, I didn’t see your reference to my post in your post even after re-reading. Perhaps I just missed it, as I am drop-off-to-sleep tired. Thanks for the attention you pay my blog. I am flattered an academic like yourself is interested. I truly believed no one on-line would read, just family. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to connect to others, all over the country and world like this. Cheers, Brenda


  4. This was so lovely, Brenda. You took a quote and a beautiful picture and then went the steps farther that you always do, you made it ‘your own personal message to us.’ I loved this so very much!


    • Wow, thanks, that is terrific!! Doing a happy dance, I got such happiness from your lovely words! I’ll come by soon and check out your posting. Cheers, Brenda


  5. What an amazingly beautiful photo!! I also very much liked your poem! 🙂 I find dusk and dawn to be the most magical times a day, I like everything in between 🙂 Like autumn and spring 🙂 I especially liked the first two verses 🙂


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