In-Between Weekend

West Dennis Beach sunset

Salty breezes lift away cares.
Color spills across the water,
Too intense for the sky to contain.
Horseshoe crabs dance a blurry ballet,
Twisting and turning in the gentle waves.
Seabirds swim quietly, at peace.
Twilight wanes, in-between day and night.
Summer is ending; school is about to begin.
In-between holds powerful magic.
Tomorrow seems far away,
Yesterday, a pleasant, hazy memory.
The right-now is a time of beauty.
Fleeting, but all the more precious for it.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Happy Labor Day Weekend! This sunset was photographed on the West Dennis Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The In-Between

It’s in the in-between
that the real magic happens.
The seeds are planted,
the roots take hold…
and we blossom into who
we were meant to be.

Kristen Jongen


Twilight is an in-between:
Familiar shapes become strange,
Small things fly past and depart unseen.
Even colors seem to change.

Night swirls her midnight cloak;
Her crimson gloves leaves smudges
Of rosy beauty for all commuter folk
To brighten evening trudges.

I throw off my worries of the day,
Set all the heavy burdens down,
Ponder curves rounded on my way
And turn problems upside-down.

This is the right time to plan:
In between the days, one fading,
Streetlights glowing cyan,
Morning’s possibilities parading.

Tomorrow is soon enough
To take all my troubles up,
Even when the pressure is rough,
I embrace this magic time to sup.

Sips of sunset’s beauty rare
Behind black bare-branched trees.
Sweet robin has a song to share.
There in twilight I find ease.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Thanks to Theresa at Soul Gatherings, who first used the above quote and renewed my interest in the in-between.