Tan Renga Invitation: A Silent Cry

flight of the eagle

flight of the eagle, used by permission of Kristjaan Panneman

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #28, “a silent cry”

flight of the eagle
stepping into the world of dreams –
a silent cry

[.........(c) Chèvrefeuille]

message from my spirit guide,
pale head pacing the north wind

arctic air crushes
frost settles over rivers
cold bites off dreams

[…………..your two lines here]

Note: In Tan Renga, poets alternate writing of haiku and “rejoinders” which are two lines, seven syllables each. The first haiku was written by  Kristjaan Panneman (Chèvrefeuille). His challenge is for another poet to add two lines to his 3-line haiku, making the combined poem a tan renga. I then added another haiku, and I invite anyone who wants to, please write a 2 line (ideally 7 syllables each) rejoinder to my new haiku in a comment or on your own post…

Further Note: Tan Renga is a Japanese poetry tradition of one author supplying a haiku and then next a 7-7 syllable rejoinder. (The form would be a tanka if written by one person, but is a tan renga if written by two.) Poets can alternate haiku and 7-7 rejoinders as long as they like, sort of a crazy poets party game.

Edit: Jules and Beth both added more rejoinders (aka 7-7s) and haiku, and we have written a long, dreamy sequence on Jules site. Thanks to everyone, this crazy poet has really enjoyed the back and forthing!! 



65 thoughts on “Tan Renga Invitation: A Silent Cry

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  2. arctic air crushes
    frost settles over rivers
    cold bites off dreams

    as frost bite numb the fingers
    snow dogs race hard to finish

    blessings to you, Brenda. ♥


    • Love it! Thanks for participating. Hope your sleep was fabulous! I love the use of the word solitude. The extreme cold does give one such solitude in a way a way day cannot.


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  4. Nice continuation of the Tan Renga Brenda and what a good idea to invite another poet to conclude your haiku given here. Very nice idea …. maybe I can make it a Special feature for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

    arctic air crushes
    frost settles over rivers
    cold bites off dreams

    together with my love
    cozy in front of the fire place

    Well … have a nice weekend.


    • I liked my completion, but when I read about tan rengas going around and around, in many stanzas, I was intrigued and I thought about what a great beginning we had, with the eagle entering the dream world, the silent cry, the spirit guide, and I thought about where it would go from there. I see you have taken it even further, thank you. What fun this is!


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