Frost Fairies, Pas de Deux


Used with kind permission of Tracy at Wanderlust

Blue Bella wakes late,
Sun already high.
Today is the date
To dance in the sky.

Frost fairies come
From far and wide,
Beating a copper drum,
Dancing a silvery glide.

Devan comes alone
Sad in his heart,
So far from home,
Bringing his frost art.

Circling, skating,
Ice harder and deeper
frost patterns illuminating
the river banks, steeper.

Sky dancing without a shiver,
Fairies intertwine,
twirl lower over the river,
pirouette in line.

Bella’s eyes of deep blue
Catch Devan’s green,
And their hands meet, too,
In a lacy bower, unseen.

Used with kind suggestion of Tracy at Wanderlust

Used with kind permission of Tracy at Wanderlust

Dancing pas de deux
Slow then fast, wands flying,
Bella and Devan fly true,
All icy tears drying.

Together is better,
Lonely no more,
When wishes unfetter
And open a door.

The gather a success,
River rimed with hoarfrost,
The new couple are blessed,
Snowflake confetti is tossed.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Thanks to Tracy at Wanderlust who invited me to write a poem for her delightfully frosty photos.

42 thoughts on “Frost Fairies, Pas de Deux

  1. Brenda, I have read more poetry in the last month because of you than I have the entire rest of my life. I am like a baby in the crib, I understand so little of what I read, and the structure of your poems. But I am enjoyng the words and the images I get from those words. Thanks, Bill


    • It’s never too late to read and enjoy poetry. At least I don’t write the really depressing kind. I try to write joyfully, celebrating life. Treat each day like a jewel in the necklace of life. I’m glad you are still reading it. Blessings, Brenda


  2. Dancing in the winter is a good reminder that there can be joy amidst the cold winter. There are winters that are other than the ones brought by the seasons, but we can always find a reason to dance. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, I was so lucky to be able to use Tracy’s photos, I don’t have any that good. I spent a long time trying to write a worthy poem for them. I’m glad you liked the whole package. πŸ™‚ Cheers, Brenda


  3. This use of Tracy’s photographs was inspiring! Your words about the deux who met, eyes of blue and green, their fairy dances in the frozen tundra, along the river’s banks, with the way you chose the thorny place for them to meet and hide together, Excellent writing, Brenda!
    It took my two hours to write my Sunshine Award post, how did you write this one so quickly? You are amazing, Brenda!
    You are not only invited to pick up your nomination for The Sunshine Award, 2014 but also to attend my Picnic! Smiles, Robin


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