50 thoughts on “Dark Spaces Haiku

      • Thank you Brenda – Youngest daughter plus family – (inc. our youngest grandchildren – 2 & 5) coming to stay so we expect to be completely exhausted by the end of it – but Christmas is about children so we’re looking forward to having them around.

        All the very best to you and your family from us.



        • I have 3, ages 12, 9 and 4. On the cusp of having the sneering teen, I catch glimpses of his new personality on occasion, but mostly I expect this year to be fun. I am with you, though, it is exhausting. And where do I put the new stuff? We are maxed out with stuff already, it’s a crazy, marketing-driven world.


          • Just remember that there are people out there who would love to have that stuff – but who will never have it. (Unless, of course, you can sneak a couple of bags of last years stuff off to some charity or other)

            PS Don’t worry – from my own experience, I can tell you it is true – at eighteen, they suddenly turn back into real people again. Grit your teeth and hold on!

            Hmm, three you say, and the youngest is only four.
            Hmm again. Well, stay strong.

            PPS I must add that the relief – when, in their eighteenth year, they suddenly shed their ugly bug costume and become rational human beings, is enormous and almost makes it all worth while – almost.

            PPPS The grandchildren are worth waiting for, though.


            • I’ll try and wait for the grandkids. We do give to charities, but we still have too much stuff. I enjoy my kids mostly. They are pretty terrific. 🙂


            • Of course they are – they are YOUR kids after all – but it is a parent’s duty to complain – just to keep them on their toes.

              I already had two I was pretty damn proud of – then in 2000 I met Jackie and found that I had acquired three more as part of the deal.

              You just know that I’m pretty damn proud of all five of them now, don’t you? Admittedly the youngest is thirty – so I’m a bit ahead of you.

              That reminds me – there are some things I’d like your opinion on but I’ll send you an email – to that email address you never check – it’s nothing that can’t wait until after the holidays though.

              Must do this weeks post first though.

              Might not get to read anything more here until everyone has gone home – so hope the whole family has a great time over the hols.



    • LOL Another award! Woo-hoo, this rule breaker is doing a dance. I may have already replied, but I read this in the morning, and it’s been a very long day of violin recitals, grocery shopping, cooking and tree decorating. So forgive me being tedious if I’ve already thanked you. Warmly, Brenda


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