32 thoughts on “Seasons Intersect Haiku

  1. They are definitely clinging for dear life, those darling buds! I think it will be a fine winter once I get to settle back in January! I look forward to a brief two day visit with Mom, then hurry back on Christmas Day, son and wife having family gather there, 6 grandkids who will have had time with family and presents, seeing them at 5 p.m. I like the way you wove your wish to get out of wrapping, even if it was unspoken (“dreaming of summer”) in the haiku!


    • I wrapped a mountain yesterday! Wrestled with wrapping paper pythons, avoided taping my hair to any presents and managed to get things labelled right (I hope…). Whew. Still stocking stuffers to go. Got through all the concerts and recitals, lots of beautiful music to hear. Can’t wait until the obligations are over and we can just settle in, sleep late and have fun for days on end. LOL


    • Wow, how many people could write an honest sentence like yours? LOL I’ll have a cup of tea in your honor and in Pixie’s. I hope you get some kids in the spring. 🙂


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