Sunset in the Skies

Do you see the moon?

the moon, the mountains 
the misty light at sunset, 
is this why birds fly?

Copyright 2022 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: I traveled this year — Nashville, France, Ireland, the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Mexico and Spain. It’s been hard to find time/energy for blogging, but I lots of pictures and thoughts. I hope everyone is enjoying a return to a more normal and connected life after the Covid shutdowns. When I came back from Spain three weeks ago, my family got Covid. Ugh. I’m still coughing in the night, but I’m mostly better. I’m just behind in everything. I hope you’re well.

12 thoughts on “Sunset in the Skies

  1. Oh, I am so green with envy. What a fabulous amount of travel to some fabulous destinations. So sorry to read that Covid got you and yours. My man is still quite fatigued after suffering covid.
    I do hope you feel better real soon!

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