A Sweet Sting

my mother, 
arms wide and strong
like tree branches 
warm with morning sun, 
settle like bees 
on sunflowers, 

a sweet sting

Copyright 2021 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Even a touch of melancholy can be magic — remembering being loved — I was 4 when I lost my mother. For me, she will always be larger than life. This November is especially bittersweet as I just lost my mother-in-law. Mid-November is the prelude to the holidays — preparation leaves only a few moments for remembering. What does November mean to you?


15 thoughts on “A Sweet Sting

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  2. I’m so sorry Brenda. It’s never easy losing our mothers. But you were such a wee one when you lost yours. I’m so happy you have wonderful memories of her. I believe those who love us never want to leave us. The choice isn’t theirs to make. And November is my least favorite month. It’s the doorway to winter and the slaughter of millions of beautiful and innocent turkeys.

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