First to Melt

the first bare circles, 
melted by the warm 
hearts of trees 

Copyright 2021 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: We slipped and slid down an icy path in Hemlock Gorge Reservation to the Charles River for this photo (Needham, Massachusetts). We observed circular patches under trees were the first to melt. My theory is that trees warm up faster than grassy areas. 

22 thoughts on “First to Melt

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  2. wow. Needham. takes me back. i grew up in Dover and Wellesley. i remember dad driving us to the hardware store in Needham and then we hit the sports store for ice skates. i live in Cali now but i remember what you said is true! how the snow melts first in circles above the roots! to add to your hypothesis, i would say that the roots draw the water up and dry out the surface soil perhaps? so then there’s less moisture in that circle so clears first?

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