Sunset in Westford

Picture Credit: Leela Obilichetti, Westford, MA

Sunset sledders, 
free and unfettered, 
plummet downhill, 
as Saturn and Jupiter align. 

bouncing-shrieks, and 
wild laughs echo 
as mist blurs the treeline. 

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: My friend, Leela, posted this photo of the evening she and her family sledded and witnessed the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter just after sunset (Monday, December 21). I was all set to write a poem as if the photograph were sunrise, wanting a beginning to parallel the new year soon beginning, but Leela reminded me that sunset is a blank slate. We all deserve a blank slate, as we let 2020 melt away. Thank you, Leela. Happy Holidays, everyone.

Writing Tip: A good poem reflects your life. In my case, I used memories of sledding trips with my kids to imagine an experience Leela’s family had. Focusing on the poem, the act of fitting memories and imagination into two structured quatrains was meditative for me. In these stressful days, finding a way to be meditative can be the difference between a good day and a bad one. May you find ways to release your stress that work for you.

32 thoughts on “Sunset in Westford

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  3. I especially appreciated your thought that our words/poems reflect out lives, experiences and memories. It is a reminder to create beautiful memories that will continue to sustain us as we move forward in our timeline. All the very best of this special season to you and yours.

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  4. Thanks for wrapping us in your conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn., and sharing this evocative image Brenda.
    I‘ve been looking for the two traveling planetary partners but haven’t seen them on my own yet, it’s been very cloudy ⛅️ in Chicago. I have a draft of a poem in progress… Lovely post!
    Hope your teeth are okay I know many woes with my own, sending hugs 🤗 and healing thoughts.

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    • My friend Leela was in the perfect place because most of New England was under the cloud cover, as was I. Sending healing thoughts your way, and I hope your woes are soon well. I miss Poetry Friday. I’m glad to still see my Poetry Friday friends. xoxo


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