Perfect Petals

Write your story 
for words are
perfect petals 
that bring color 
to the world. 

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Knee-deep in a writing seminar. Can we write about a character who has a different culture or identity than we do? I’m revising a middle grade novel, and I want to present a full, diverse world rather than presenting a homogenous, white 1910 world that didn’t exist. Therefore, I have to take chances. If I make mistakes, then I will try to learn from that. But it’s better to do it imperfectly than not make the attempt at all.

Oh, and my kitchen is nearly done. Boy, will I be happy not to be cooking for a family of five on a camp stove anymore!

Writing Tip: Think about social justice and how it affects character development. How can you accurately reflect the struggles a character has but still give the reader hope? Sometimes, when you’re writing, you need to keep such questions in the forefront of your efforts rather than believing you have all the answers. Research, thought and effort can lead to the best solutions.

8 thoughts on “Perfect Petals

  1. wow, Brenda. just one of those things is a big undertaking, and I want you to write about your cooking experience on the camp stove! good things will come from all of this, with your talent and creativity.

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