Yellow Butterfly


my mother’s birthday
missing her, feeling alone
yellow butterfly

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Many people believe that butterflies are messages from their loved ones. What could the message be? Have strength. Remember you’re loved. You’re not alone. I miss you.

36 thoughts on “Yellow Butterfly

  1. I understand!
    I made my first Art Gown after mom passed. It was the beautiful butterfly I needed. Since, its wings have spread. The beautiful energy has flown for miles.
    Be safe, Brenda, and your family.
    I did send the email pic. Hope I had the right address!

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  2. People who don’t ever go online seem to belittle it but I do believe we can show care and affection for our online friends and receive it.And we have people from all over the world.Surely that is good.Losing a mother is very hard.I hope you have found solace in nature and that it will continue.Kxx

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  3. Good Morning Brenda. These are definitely times when alittle mothering is desired and welcomed. May your Mom’s spirit show up in beautiful butterflies. All my best to you, stay safe. Thank you for sharing your lovely photo.

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