Far Fields


Seeing the same four walls
in this endless
pandemic confinement,
but imagining far fields,
wildflowers bobbing,
waterfalls singing,
bees humming,
as I breathe in the
the scents of summer
that will come,
with or without us.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Our governor has extended the school-at-home order until past the end of the school year. My eldest is a senior, and it will be an unusual senior year — no prom, no parties, no graduation ceremony with an approving handshake. My youngest child graduates from elementary school, and no slide show, no class song, no class play and no group ceremony. But those are small beans compared to what essential and furloughed workers are enduring. May we all stay safe, well, ready to enjoy a future full of summer’s promise.

23 thoughts on “Far Fields

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  2. I love the images evoked by your words. I can almost feel the summer breeze. It will be hard for the kids, not having their graduation ceremonies and traditions, but I think kids are pretty resilient and will find other creative ways to celebrate their milestones.

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  3. My granddaughter is graduating from college in May. Nothing will happen, of course. She’s okay with that. But it’s more difficult for younger kids and especially seniors in high school. Nothing can be done about it, as you said. I can’t wait until it’s nice enough to be in the yard. Your poem was lovely.


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