Tart and Sweet


tart and sweet,
is remembering

its warm fruit
was scented with sunshine

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Today’s sunshine makes me remember the farmer’s market, the scents and sounds. How do you remember summer?

20 thoughts on “Tart and Sweet

  1. Love the poem (Haiku?)
    I froze many of these tart and sweet lovelies during the summer.
    Soon I will be baking tart and sweet pies with whole wheat crust! The pies are summer treats, reimagined in the winter!
    (I also froze cherries and blueberries! Yummo)

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  2. Tart and sweet. What wonderful tastes. Your fruit do lush. I remember summer when I pull out the flannel sheets, the cozy pajamas, the sweaters and shawls as at the same time I retire the shorts, nighties and T-shirts to a bin in the bottom of my closet.


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