Autumn’s Cool


autumn’s cool
dwindling days
draw me outside

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Yesterday, I attended a wonderful picture book writer’s conference yesterday at the Writer’s Loft. If you’re in New England, it’s a great place to meet other word-obsessed story lovers. Today I have so many ideas, I’m like an overfull balloon about to pop. I hope the morning brings me time to write because tomorrow I start my new full-time job, and writing time is going to become rarer than diamonds. Have a magical day!

29 thoughts on “Autumn’s Cool

  1. Nature’s invitation is generous and especially compelling during the transition between seasons, isn’t it? I’m still waiting for consistent fall temperatures here–I think it was 80หš F earlier this week. Yikes! Your retreat sounds inspiring and I’m looking forward to checking out the link you shared. Best of luck with your new job!

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