Daisy Days



crowded banks of daisies
drowse and nod,

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: I’m attending a picture book master class today at the Writer’s Loft in Massachusetts. After I took a similar class in the spring, four editors showed interest in one of my picture book manuscripts. (Woo-hoo!) To get an agent, at least of few of the other manuscripts I’ve written have to be at the same level. In other words, you have to have between three to six finished, polished picture book manuscripts that an agent loves. Are you part of a writing community?

28 thoughts on “Daisy Days

  1. I read it first as “crowds of daisies” … only eight words and I shorten it?? “Drowse and nod” are perfect descriptors, I can totally see it. Hope you enjoy your class today! You are so determined. I am sure you’ll reach your goals.

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