Truth to Power


She cannot give her name.
She cannot give her address
for fear ICE will come
for her mother and leave her
orphaned by the state.

But her scared heart speaks,
speaks truth to power
despite tiger claws in her guts,
despite anguished tears.
Her words inflame a nation.

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: In honor of a 12-year-old Families Belong Together protestor, whose impassioned words made the nation remember that actions have consequences. Over 2,000 babies, toddlers, tweens and teens have been deprived of parents, orphaned by the state. As a result, how many more children live in soul-crushing fear? When children bloom, with supportive parents, we all prosper.

41 thoughts on “Truth to Power

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  2. Reading one of your commenters I wonder, why is it that supporters of cruel and inhumane policies often try to blame the victims, in this case innocent traumatized children. The US Foster Care System currently has 1500 unaccounted for, or “lost,” children. The Trump Admin ripped these additional 2000 babies and children away from their parents with no plan or preparation for reunification. Some of these children are already “unaccounted for,” ie., lost. I wonder how many more will be? I wonder what the costs of imprisoning and adjudicating the cases of these innocent children will end up being? I wonder how much the wall will cost? I wonder how much we pay ICE to take children away from their parents? I wonder how many of these children will end up being sold on the child sex black market for top dollar? I wonder who profits from this? Most of all I really wonder why so many people, who support this administration and their policies, can be so heartless and cruel? I wonder when their conscience when missing and unaccounted for? Long before they caused these children and families such needless trauma and heartbreak.

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    • What happened is against everything I believe in and what I’m working for. If we don’t speak out, we’re complicit. The children must be found and made whole. I understand that people on the other side of the issue aren’t see this, but perhaps it’s a failure of empathy and imagination rather than pure evil. I hope so.

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  3. I wish they’d tell the other side of this story, too—that many children are being deliberately sent into this country..without their parents at all! I know….’tis easier to believe what they want you to…! Really nice flowers…regardless of the political content afixed to them! Love you as a friend and fellow poet! I’ve written some opinion poetry recently, too—not on immigration—You have your opinions and I, thankfully, have mine, I’ve got a sick wife to care for—but so glad she’s home again! Take care–enjoy the 4th!

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    • I haven’t seen evidence of immigrants “pretending” to be parents of kids not their own, but I have heard people worry about this possibility. I don’t see that as the other side of the story, rather as a fear that we are being taken advantage of. I was honoring a child who spoke at the DC rally from her personal experience. Whether we agree or not, I do hope your health and that of your wife’s improve. I wish you all the best and Happy 4th.

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      • Aren’t you glad that Trump reversed something that Obama knew about and ignored? Now if Congress will get off their high horses and make the solution into a humane law! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY—FROM OBAMA’S TYRANY! 🙂

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        • Why is it Obama’s fault rather than the Republican Congress who didn’t pass reform when he was president? And now it’s not Trump’s fault, but Obama’s? That seems like a double standard where Trump is excused for his policy, the Republican Congress is excused for inaction, but Obama is blamed for not legislating when legislation was not his purview. I feel sad when people attack Obama or Hillary Clinton because they are not in power. I do agree that the powers that be, who are in power now, need to act thoughtfully and address real problems, rather than creating new ones. Let’s look forward and find solutions and stop beating dead horses.

          I would ask, why are you so angry? All capping words is shouting, which makes you seem very angry. When I disagree with the president’s policies I’m not attacking your or your beliefs. It’s democracy at work. We all have our needs and our voices, and we have the right to express them. I’m not angry. I’m sad for the children caught in the middle.

          I do hope you find some joy on the 4th. I hope some magic, healing magic, visits your home.

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          • A few minutes, certainly. My wife had her own ideas, so I meekly followed them. I see the left holding to their own double standard. If this situation was indeed present in Obama’s time then He cdeserves some of the onus fofr ignoring it and the media should get their heads out of thewir liberal bias’ long enough to not blame e verything on the present President. But since politics—and the people who bow to that philosophy—don’t WANT to admit that there is anything other than THE PRESENT—not suprising! Oh well—did your family have fun? Some of our time was fun—and some drudgery! y wife had an operation yeasgterday to have a graft put in so she can start dialysis—and wanted to do chores today–at least I view them as chores. But whaty do I know—She’s the boss *(?). May the rest of your Independence Day weekend be magical—That’s one quantity I no longer experience much!

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            • Obama didn’t ignore the issue. He released families with ankle monitors so they could be kept track of. Jeff Sessions is the one who first announced the family separation policy, referring to the Bible to say that government is ordained by God. Jeff Sessions is Trump’s man. That was a material change in Obama’s policy. Ankle monitors had worked. Separating families has not, as we now will have to fund fostering and therapy for thousands of traumatized children who were orphaned by our own country. As a person who writes for children, this causes me great sadness. Children are not animals or criminals, and they need daily love, hugs and care, not cement floors and cages. We need a humane way to deal with refugees. I do agree with you that a legislative fix is best, and I hope Congress will act with heart and speed to find a solution.

              I do hope you and your wife do well, now that she’s on dialysis. I hope a little magic finds its way to you.

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            • I don’t know. I gave up on the news A long time ago…too much to handle in my own life. I bow to you’re being more informed! But Congress needs the Democrats to stop pouting and take Donald seriously for more than just sound bites—the Republicans, too!

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