Summer Poem Swap


June Song 

–by Irene Latham

Let me be sun
kissing horizon each morning
warming lake
to bathwater. 

Let me be heron
wading grassy shallows
taking only as much
as I need.

Let me be lily pad
spreading glossy blanket
sheltering young and hungry
across swaying hours.

Let me be mudfish
burrowing in darkness
finding beauty
in cool, lonesome sludge.

Let me be cottonmouth
swimming with head high
always leaving behind
fat ribbons of light.

Notes: Thanks to Irene Latham, powerhouse poet for this wonderful poem, the birdcage magnet, the notebook and a note with kind appreciation for my blog. I’m honored she wrote this poem for me, using my poem as a seed for her thoughts.

Thanks to Tabatha Yeatts for organizing the 2018 Summer Poem Swap. Thanks to Karen Edmisten for hosting the Poetry Friday round up this week.

Summer Poem Swap 2018

I’ve had an eye infection for a couple of weeks. Not able to use the computer much. Typing is difficult, and reading is worse. I hope to be reading as much as normal soon. Have a magical week!

36 thoughts on “Summer Poem Swap

  1. Wow, such a lovely gift from Irene! I’m so sorry to hear about your eyes, and hope you will be all better soon. Ruth,

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  2. What a pretty package of poetry! And, I love how Irene has taken seeds from your poems to create something new. I cannot think of a more perfect pairing than your word images and Irene’s setting them into lines and stanzas. I have to say, I am identifying with the mudfish these days. I’ve set up a writing space in the cool basement and I am happy in the shallows. Happy summer writing.

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  3. Thank you for always being an inspiration, Brenda… so many of your words stick with me! Just this morning I was remembering your polkadotted princess and thinking that so needs to be a book! Hope you’re all better soon. xo

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