Photograph of Auguste Rodin Statue Used With Permission of Kip Rechea

fluid stillness
goddess strength

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Writing Tip: Revise. Use the right word. When editing, take your time, read aloud, plunder a thesaurus. Bring your work alive with your words. The right ones are life or death.

Words “belong to several of the senses at once, as if each one had eyes, ears and tongue, or ears and fingers and a body to move with. It is this little goblin in a word which is its life and its poetry, and it is this goblin which the poet has to have under control.” — Ted Hughes (from Poetry Is, 1967). His poem becomes a pond “as deep as England” inΒ Pike.

Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to Elizabeth Steinglass for hosting!

Poetry Friday Heron

it feels like the gun companies are waging war on us, consumer by consumer, selling lies and false promises. Yet we must find poetry, because that is what we do.

55 thoughts on “Ingenue

  1. Yes, find poetry! You do it best.
    As for the posture of the beautiful statue, I could do that …. 20 years ago. Sigh! Poetry on!!!!
    I’m over at Art Gowns working on an in between post, as my next gown is so very labor intensive. Just wondering if you have selected a charity? Sending fairy love & an elf’s glove.

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    • I support Oxfam, Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. Given that you’re in Canada, I thought it wasn’t best to give all American charities. Oxfam UK has had recent trouble, but I like that they try to feed the hungry.

      I don’t know if I ever could do that dancer’s pose. I’m not sure I tried ever. I never took ballet, though, so it seems unlikely.

      I haven’t forgotten about the fairy tale. I’m under a lot of pressure right now, and I’m not sure I have the bandwidth. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for five years already. Wow. The days go by so fast.

      Sending courtier charms and silky smiles to my favorite costumer! XOXO

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  2. Brenda — Revising is something I’m actually looking forward to doing with all of our poem’s from Laura’s February challenge. It’ll be fun to let them simmer on the back burner for a bit and then give them a stir to see what happens. As you know all too well there isn’t much time for that with a daily challenge.

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  3. So much goodness in so few words with your poem, quote, and thoughts. It does seem so many are using words to spread lies and gain political power, but we must continue to search for the right words and to find poetry to shine the light of truth. I do hope we may be reaching a tipping point.

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  4. TRUTH=>”Yet we must find poetry, because that is what we do.” I see that you found the right words to create your response to the statue prompt, Brenda. Goddess strength (my yoga teacher just placed a session on the schedule for goddesses) is key. I am trying to work on mine, little by little without injury. You are definitely sharing your goddess word strength in your poetry.

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