Moon River


shades of silver
moonlight on an icy river
frozen in time

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to Donna Smith at MainelyWrite for hosting! There’s still time to add a line or two to my Poetry Is… An Invitation if you missed it last week. Stop by next week to see the full collection and write a poem from it.

Did everyone see the Super Blue Moon Wednesday night? My kids informed me that a blue moon is a second full moon in one month. And it’s a super moon because it’s nearest the earth. Meanwhile, my son is playing Moon River on the cello. Some moments are worth remembering.

Also, I’m thinking about writing book reviews. Anyone have links to good how-to articles or thoughts on using the cover page from the internet? Thanks!

Poetry Friday Badge from Carol Vasalona

77 thoughts on “Moon River

  1. My creek did freeze up this winter – first time in a long time that more than just the edges got frosted. A neighbor even walked across it!

    Too may prompts not enough time. But I’ll investigate and book mark it as I’ve done now with your place. (New lap top and all bookmarks were lost…)

    Hi Ho – different Icon to new short daily short verses… Hugs to you and yours Jules

    I always mean to stop by more often, but time … you know how that goes. I wrote a post about the triple Moon –
    mooning trilogy

    I only got to see a small bit of the moon setting tinge red for the Blood moon. But there is another full blue moon (not sure if it is super or not. March 31.

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  2. Accurate and imaginative, this poem is accompanied by exotic visuals. Your posts never cease to delight. Thanks also for liking my post. Others might like to take a look at this week’s

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  3. Now that is a really good photo…frozen in time! Thanks for the share. Is Spring around the corner yet? We are getting drier months ahead in lil red dot after a mini waterspout episode and hail stones! A rarity here!

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  4. and here it was a lunar eclipse, too. i saw nothing, but always am fascinated by the moon and what it does to people. (and the rest of the natural world). i think you would be a great reviewer – fair, open minded, and a great writer.

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  5. Wonderful images both of the Ice and the visualisation of your children playing music and telling you the facts of the moon..
    Yes I saw the Super Moon, and for once the sky overhead was clear.. And very bright it was too.. No red in this part of the hemisphere but truly a bright moon with Halo around.
    Have a lovely weekend, Keep warm.. Turning colder here too xxx

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