Purple is a Choice


Choose Purple —
celebrate your mistakes,
own your struggle,
and honor your choices,
because that’s how we become
who we are meant to be:

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Some authors report greater success attracting agents using male pseudonyms. When you look for a book to read, do you look for a male or female author? Do male or female authors get borrowed from the library more often. Whose books jump off bookstore shelves faster? I wonder if JK Rowling’s books would have taken off if she’s used her full, female name instead of a male-sounding set of initials.

The world has a ways to go bringing equality to women. It’s not just a question of equal pay, but equal belief that women’s voices have something important to add. We are all in this world together, men and women. We should look for solutions together.

Writing tip: If you can’t be male, be persistent. By the time you reach publication, you will be that much better a writer for the obstacles it took to get there and for the time spent honing your craft.

59 thoughts on “Purple is a Choice

  1. It has been 1982 I have followed Kinsey Milhone (by Sue Grafton) and am reading her last letter book, “Y is for Yesterday” (no Z, since she passed away and declared no one could write her final book.) I like Kay Scarpetta, another detective character written by a female author, Patricia Cornwell. Just two more to add, Brenda! 💐

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  2. And now a second comment because I had to think about this based on my 60 years of reading anything and everything. Or at least I thought. My favorite subject is history. I’m not sure there are a lot of female writers on history; so there it’s males that I read. I can’t remember ever reading history written by a female. My second favorite subject is horror and action fiction. So people like Stephen King, John Grisham, Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, and Lee Child get my attention. I’ve never specifically sought out a book BECAUSE it was a male or female writer, though. It’s subject matter instead.

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  3. Purple is an excellent color! I went through a purple phase, and I still have some purple in my wardrobe.
    Your poem is excellent, and your comment on male sounding names is a solid point. ❤

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  4. I am sooooo glad you are still here and writing! I took a break for a bit from… well, everything online really. I finally have a plan and a determination I’ve not had before. I’m really looking forward to 2018. I posted for the first time in a LONG time today and then started to reach out to my followers. It is sad to see how many of them either aren’t on WordPress anymore, or who have stopped writing all together! 😦 At any rate, I love your writing and ideas and and really happy to see I can still enjoy them. Also… great quote and the writing tip at the end was the perfect seal to your post. Thank you! ♥Cat

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  5. …and I wrote about the color Magenta! Maybe that’s the color meant to start the New Year…to honor our choices from the past in order to inform the future 358 days remaining in 2018. Happy New Year!

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