The Writer’s Ear


the writer’s ear
always open to the universe,
and glowing

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Sensations from the week: cold snaps, jacket zippers snugged to my chin, the dusty burn of radiators turned on for the first time, Halloween wrappers in every garbage bin, drinking tea from my thermos instead of ice water, putting away tomato cages and flower pots, and fingers and back aching from tap-tap-tapping on my laptop. I hope the magic has found you, too.

Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Jane at Raincity Librarian for hosting. Have a magical weekend!


36 thoughts on “The Writer’s Ear

    • Hi Kat, Yes, NaNoWriMo is giving me deadline pressure, which always helps me stay structured and disciplined. Writing every day isn’t a problem, I do that. I just need to work on my books more and my blog less. I’m having a great time with my new project. I hope your writing is going well. And your family is well, too.

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    • Dusting is the cure. I am always too busy with other things. And then too cold to wait to turn them on. Every year.

      And you have the glow of that flower in you, Linda. Every silken particle, is at your fingertips, whenever you call it up.


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