La Esencia de Titania

Resa has created an art dress using fairies as inspiration, but it takes fashion to a higher plane. It makes a statement about how connected people and magic are to nature. Its fall colors should clash with the soft pink of the gown, but instead they provide a beautiful backdrop, making the wearer shine. Like van Gogh’s use of color contrast to hold light, it’s as if she created light itself with nap, stitches and fabric. I hope you’ll drop by her site to let her know how wonderful her art is. Have a magical night!

Art Gowns

Did you ever think to yourself,  I’d like to meet an Art Gown fairy?

She would look like the sun shining on rippling pink water and her tail would be made from the forest’s leaves.

Her wings would fold behind her, in many wonderful different ways.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We make fairies here. This may be the first fairy, but it will not be the last.

And who better to dedicate the first fairy Art Gown to than Brenda Davis Harsham from Friendly Fairy Tales.

Okay, a few notes on the making of La Esencia de Titania

It began with leftovers from “O Royal Treasure”. As I was cutting the circles out of  white voile to make her flowers, I noticed the long scraps were fairy airy and romantic feeling.

Using up old things is very Art Gowns apropos.

Shimmering pink stretch cut velvet was…

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