Color Yearn


With the silver sun
before sunset,
the world turns
an over-bright
black and white.

Bleached and dull,
my eyes ache with
pushy light;
an after-burn
of color-yearn.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: I watched a great segment on race yesterday. Trevor Noah was interviewed by John Eligon, a New York Times correspondent. In the interview, Noah speaks about being a South African youth. He observed that, in America, being of color was beautiful. He wanted to be part of that. I want to be part of that, too. All colors are beautiful. When we see the rainbow of colors we all form, the world is a more complete and beautiful place where we all belong. When we see the world as comprised of black and white, us and them, then the world is narrow and frightening.Β Trevor Noah urged white people to start dialogues about race, not to leave all conversations to people of color. Here is a path toward celebrating color.

Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Leigh Anne Eck at A Day in the Life for hosting!

Poetry Friday with kids

47 thoughts on “Color Yearn

  1. I adore your poetry, and today my eyes played a trick on me. I read colored yarn, at first, probably because I knit. Of course that was corrected. Then I read the part about what Trevor Noah said.
    Then I thought about colored yarn, and how knitting inter-loops it all. …. perhaps …. me seeing yarn was not so far off. Always great to come here, have a good read and a greater think!

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  2. The photo was very beautiful but I could understand how the brightness may hurt our eyes and we may need to avert them, rest them for awhile.
    My thoughts are in agreement with Trevor Noah.
    Relations between people should try to include bridges and commonalities, but along side each other, being careful not to ruin or break ties, we also may concentrate on the beauty of differences. A rainbow is a lovely way of describing the diversity among us. 🌈
    I think there are people who feel more comfortable stifling their words and efforts. Sadly, this builds walls and breaks the tenuous binds that could tie/bind us together, woven but not blended. More like a multi-colored blanket than blended into a homogeneous and bland result. Late night rambling but will try to check his message soon!

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