Symmetry of petals green,
hens and chicks, a flock of
rosettes and buds,
from maid to mother to crone. 

Without wings to fly up high
or beaks to gather seed,
they prosper in the
poorest ground.

A reminder that fancy gilt
and private jets
don’t create the hardiest stock.
Adversity does.

Notes: Hens and chicks are a common succulent in rock-gardens. Symmetry means the beauty of form with balance.

So many awful events in recent news, hurricanes, mass murder and no sensible gun legislation on the horizon. What can poets do, except write poetry? And wait for the world to find its balance.

Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Violet Nesdoly for hosting. Violet is a wonderful poet, and she has all the links.

60 thoughts on “Symmetry

  1. The first three lines of this poem caught my attention, Brenda. You used such rich language to draw the reader’s (and the garden viewer’s) attention to this lovely plant.

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  2. Three cheers for all who survive and thrive with grit and adversity! I bought a hen last spring. The name on her ID tag at the nursery was “Killer,” but she’s the best mama ever — she must have a dozen kids by now!

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  3. Your second stanza is my favorite 🙂
    I have dozens of other plants, so I don’t have a totally black thumb or anything, but I have a hard time with succulents. (I know! They’re supposed to be easy!)

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    • Thanks, Michelle. I don’t know if I see the world through the lens of poetry or see poetry through the lens of the world, but both are becoming nearer and nearer each other lately. I’ve decided not to fight it. It’s what I need to be saying right now. I liked your poem, too.

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  4. ooooh, I do enjoy the back handed slap in the last lines. You are right, of course and I love how you find truth all around you…..better yet, you write it out. As always, thanks for sharing your words. I so enjoy a visit with you on Fridays. I’d love to see you in person sometime. Perhaps one day when you are promoting a new book.

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    • Oh, I hope I get to promote a book one day. I just had a very disappointing rejection after two revise and resubmits. It’s hard to not despair. I’d love to meet you one day, too, even if I’m not promoting a book.


  5. A lovely picture of succulents amidst the rocks! This is indeed a nice photo and like you said, symmetrically balanced indeed. I do love succulents as it thrives through all sorts of weather. Have a lovely Friday and weekend ahead Brenda!

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