In-Between Earth and Sky


Fields of daisies bloom
between forest and highway,
nodding sunny faces,
in the threshold
between earth and sky.

In another in-between
of Labor Day Weekend,
where summer dwindles
and autumn wakes,
I also linger, not quite

healed from airplane flu
and not quite sick enough to
take to my bed. Here in my chair,
where a cool, rainy breeze
stirs the sheers, I linger, dreaming

of one last vacation day,
before the school routine restarts.
I miss my children already,
as they try on cleats,
search for school supplies,

in between infancy and adulthood,
in that long space of mother-hugs,
music-learning, school-diligence
and summer-daydreams.
Every day is a gift.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Labor Day to those in the USA! I got back from CA only to suffer from some intestinal bug that hitched a ride. Being sick puts me in an in-between place of time loss and creative gain. I hope you are enjoying a magical weekend wherever you may be, and whatever you are or aren’t celebrating. Thoughts and prayers to those who are homeless, from hurricanes, flooding, unexploded munitions, forest fires or any other reason.

39 thoughts on “In-Between Earth and Sky

  1. I liked this open expression regretting the end of summer. I totally was sad a couple weeks ago about the grandies going back to school. It means homework and practicing takes priority over parks and playground times. Hugs sent your way, Brenda.
    Hope you feel better soon! 🌺 🕊

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  3. So beautiful… I love how you worked on the transitions here… From vacation to school days & routine, from childhood to adulthood. Plus, the idea of in the threshold, and the word between, which appears a few times too… A good way to conjugate and juxtapose ideas. Great poem,d ear Brenda… Hugs 😉

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