Barnacles and Cheese

Cheesy shells in a blue bowl

Ridged shells,
sea conchiglie*,
drenched in warm
asiago, romano and
cheddar cheese,
look like barnacles
in a tidepool or
tiny moons in a
blue willow galaxy,
ready for a hungry
black hole.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Tabatha Yeatts at the Opposite of Indifference for hosting and Diane for suggesting the Macaroni and Cheese theme! July 14th is National Macaroni and Cheese Day. Stop by the link up for more cheesy poems. Also, a special thanks to Jone, who showed me what barnacles in a tide pool look like.

Poetry Friday with kids

*Conchiglie is the name given to a variety of shell-shaped pasta.

80 thoughts on “Barnacles and Cheese

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  2. Now that I’ve entered adulthood and made my first from-scratch mac and cheese, I can’t wait to try variations on the cheese and pasta. I’ll be sure to serve mine in pretty bowls to an appreciative black hole!

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    • If I were Italian, I would be confident I knew. Alas, I am just a research-fiend who found the word and scooped it up for my own dastardly purposes. In my little head, I pronounce it as a combo of conch and igloo, but instead of the “oo” at the end, I put the “ee” sound. Conch-ig-leee. Where the emphasis goes, no idea, but I’m guessing the second syllable, the “ig”.

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