Strawberry Moment

Fresh Strawberries in a white colander

dusty road
farmstand strawberries
spring in my step

Notes: This was written in honor of Suzanne’s new haiku prompt site, On the Road. I wish her much success and joy from hosting it. If you write haiku, haiga or haibun, I hope you will stop by her site here. Even if you don’t, perhaps you can wish her well on her journey.

31 thoughts on “Strawberry Moment

  1. I’ve had strawberries about 15 times in the past two weeks! Yum! Soon, it’ll be peach season–my absolute favorite. Keep the haiku coming, Brenda.

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  2. Thank-you Brenda for introducing me to Suzanne’s new poetry prompts. I was intrigued by your strawberries and came to visit you. Never know where inspiration will come. ❀

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  3. Yes! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the farm stand near our neighborhood to open. It’s the tiny yellow plums that put a spring in my step.

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