Strawberry Moment

Fresh Strawberries in a white colander

dusty road
farmstand strawberries
spring in my step

Notes: This was written in honor of Suzanne’s new haiku prompt site, On the Road. I wish her much success and joy from hosting it. If you write haiku, haiga or haibun, I hope you will stop by her site here. Even if you don’t, perhaps you can wish her well on her journey.

36 thoughts on “Strawberry Moment

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  2. I’ve had strawberries about 15 times in the past two weeks! Yum! Soon, it’ll be peach season–my absolute favorite. Keep the haiku coming, Brenda.

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  3. Thank-you Brenda for introducing me to Suzanne’s new poetry prompts. I was intrigued by your strawberries and came to visit you. Never know where inspiration will come. ❤

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  4. Yes! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the farm stand near our neighborhood to open. It’s the tiny yellow plums that put a spring in my step.

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  5. Smashing photo, Brenda! We love the strawberry season. It’s the favourite farmstand season in Norfolk as well as Germany and Norway. And fairyland of course!
    Wishing you a wonderful summer. We are celebrating midsummer in Norway today. 🙂
    Dina & co


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