Ladybug and New Sage

Red ladybug on a sage leaf

Polkadot Princess Ladybug hides
her wings beneath
crimson shields.

Spice bush sage is born purple,
but its color soon
hides under green.

They both hide their inner
colors from view.
Like us, humans.

We hide behind masks,
whether we fly
or stay rooted.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: This ladybug visited my herb garden a few weeks ago. She left no calling card. Thanks to Kiesha Shepard, educator and poet, for hosting Poetry Friday this week at her site, Whispers from the Ridge.

Poetry Friday Heron

68 thoughts on “Ladybug and New Sage

  1. Love those Polkadot Princesses! I should go buy some and set them free in our area. They are such good little bugs! I remember, as a child, the first time I saw one fly away – what a surprise it was!

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  2. Brenda, that photograph is stunning! I can’t wait to share with my photographer-son. (He loves textures.) And your poem! Yes, we do hide, don’t we? A book I love is THE BOOK OF AWAKENING by Mark Nepo. Your poem reminds me of it. Our biggest task is to be ourselves in this world, which means to share and not keep hidden away. I am inspired by your ladybug today! Thank you. xo

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    • Thanks, Irene. I was happy how the photo showed the color and texture of the sage so well, but a little disappointed the ladybug was a little blurry. I agree that showing ourselves makes life richer and more colorful. Yet our masks add something, too. A polish, a shine, a fragrance of flowers that we might not otherwise have.


  3. I’m headed to the garden center this weekend for a container of “polka dot princesses” as the aphids have arrived. They are my only hope to rescue my lupines. They are small, but mighty! Don’t you love the texture of sage? Delicious!

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