Do It Like Bees


and industry
create murky
Dragonpuffs of
dark smoke
dull the sky.
Waste. Distaste.

Can’t we do it
like the bees?

Soft flight, gentle
touches. A nap
inside a bloom.
Back in the hive,
a chat, a dance,
a fuzzy high-five
and voilà. Wax.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: This was inspired by Earth Day. Have a magical week!

21 thoughts on “Do It Like Bees

  1. You have perfectly highlighted the counterpoint: Industry/Technology vs. Nature/natural production. Such an original take. Great, dear Bren… thank you for sharing… Love & best wishes. 😀

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  2. Oh Brenda!
    The bees are so very special and important. I think many humans think they are better than bees. Therefore they may never be as rich as bees.
    You know, this poem could make great lyrics for a protest song. It touches a nerve.

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