Tom-Wild the Turkey


never smiles
looks both left and right

brown tweed
always seems ready to fight

until scared
wings flared
he becomes an earth-tone kite

colors shown
fear known
he flees to roof-top height.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Tom Turkey with two feathers flying free


Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Tabatha Yeatts at The Opposite of Indifference for hosting. I set this up to post automatically, because my kids are home for the week, but I hope to get around to see you all soon.


My kids helped me take these pictures earlier this week. We were fascinated to see the turkeys are losing feathers, and not gracefully.

67 thoughts on “Tom-Wild the Turkey

  1. I love your poem, but I have to say, it was the picture of that tweedy gent with his soon-to-be-lost feathers sticking all this-way-and-that that made me smile. I think there’s another poem hidden in these pictures! How embarrassing to be so handsome and yet so disheveled!

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  2. The toms are absolutely wacko this time of year — spring mating season. They are everywhere in our area and strutting around showing off their stuff in the middle of the road. CRAZY! I do love all their colors, though, and it’s amazing how they hide them at times. Great poem! Gobble Gobble!

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  3. Hi Brenda, hope you are feeling better soon! Those turkeys are really pretty in their own way. I can imagine that them falling toward you out of trees would be startling! I like that “earth-tone kite” image.

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  4. You’ve shown them so poetically, Brenda, that ‘tweed’ and “earth-tone kite” -perfect. I don’t see many, but have in the past, mostly in Missouri, love that you see them often. I saw that someone said you were ill, hope you’re better soon!

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    • LOL I can even reply to comments when I have a splitting headache, but do I do it well? Hm… I love these turkeys, too. They were right by my house! One time I walked my daughter to the bus stop, and turkeys came raining out of a big maple I was walking under. I thought I was being bombed for a few seconds. They are mighty big birds up close. LOL


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