Cirque de Printemps

Purple Crocuses

Crocuses raise cheery salutes,
opening orange invitations to
invite us to Come One, Come All,
to spring’s circus in the meadow.

Robin pulls worms like rabbits from a hat.
High wire swifts zip into daredevil dives.
Owls hoot and heckle, all tawny freckle.
Moths dance on twilight wings, and

contortionist lilacs bend and twist,
puppies clown and crows mime.
Long-necked Geese carnies dare to
glean the greening town square.

Squirrels make daring acrobatic passes
flying through the air, hypnotic in their
spring costumes, spangled with hunger,
chasing seeds with the greatest of ease.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: The title celebrates my high school French class, in which I learned to say “excusez-moi” and adore “le petit chou-chou.” Have a magical week!

38 thoughts on “Cirque de Printemps

  1. A beautiful description of awakening spring… My crocus’s now all gone.. But the Daffs are out and tulips are starting to bloom.. A glorious time.. Loved your poem.. And I had a blackbird pulling worms from my lawn this morning too.. 🙂 xxx

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