Goodbye, Winter


Goodbye, Winter.
Ciao, deep snow.
Time to dig out
my pink maillot.

Goodbye, parka.
Ciao, fleece hat.
I’m turning down
the thermostat.

Goodbye, boots.
Ciao, snowblower.
Spring is moving in.
You wouldn’t know ‘er.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham


Notes: Most snow’s melted, except for the deepest banks. Huzzah! Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Irene Latham at Live Your Poem for hosting.

Poetry Friday with kids

66 thoughts on “Goodbye, Winter

  1. Happy Spring, Brenda (though I am late to the PF party)! I wish I could share some of our unseasonable heat with you North-Easteners. We’ve been bouncing around in the 90’s off and on since mid-March here in Tucson. Soon I will be ‘turning down the thermostat’ – low, low, low when we’re forced to use the AC. Great poem – and pictures! =)

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  2. We had snow Tuesday, and the flowers are out anyway! Love that final line “you wouldn’t know ‘er”, Brenda. Your poem has a beautiful, celebratory lilt to it!

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  3. Brenda, this is so much fun! I particularly love the second stanza! What fun to say goodbye to these clothing items… here in the Southland I had just put away my sweaters when on blustery yesterday I had to drag one back out…. thank you! xo

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      • I still love the snow. It’s the cold wind I hate and it is always before the rain that becomes snow. April is coming in like a lion for us! There’s a promise of spring, though. 🙂

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            • He was heading into town for his other shoulder for physical therapy when he fell. Now he’ll have PT on both shoulders before and after surgery. Sorry about you’re hubby and trying to get him to the doctor. If C hadn’t already been heading in, he might have let it go because, well everyone falls, right? But the x-rays showed 3 chips off the ball end of the shoulder joint. There was already arthritis so the ball will be sawed off and more metal will be put in my terminator. Already he can’t go through airport customs. Ankle, hip, wrist, and now shoulder. Good thing he hates flying! Hope your PT goes well and your hubby is soon healed properly.

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