Old Hat


Snow is old hat.
We’re ready for a new topper,
a cold stopper:
a spring bonnet,
sunshine feathers
and cherry blossomsย on it.
We’ll don a cloak
of dogwood petals.
May day is not far away!
Flowers, blossoms and
blooms will pave the way.


Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Poetry Friday (tomorrow)! Thanks to Amy Ludwig VanDerwater at the Poem Farmย for hosting! Happy Seventh Blogiversary, Amy! You are an inspiration to kids poets everywhere! If you are a poetry love, please join in!

Poetry Friday with kids

62 thoughts on “Old Hat

  1. Winter’s old hat is going to be traded in for Spring’s bonnet, Brenda. I think that this poem about the transition of winter to spring is just what we needed today. Happy Spring! Winter Wonder 17 was just unveiled. Thanks for contributing.

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  2. Wonderful and happy poem, Brenda! It is snowing here, no “sunshine feathers”, but it will melt because it’s been so warm recently. I hope those flowers come your way soon. Our flowering trees are out, but the green leaves are still not showing. It will be a while!

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    • Good! We need some heat to melt this new snow and ice. But my son’s orchestra won Gold in a statewide competition, so some good came of today. ๐Ÿ™‚ As a result, I might even get to see him play violin at Boston Symphony Hall. That will be a proud moment.


  3. “a cold stopper:
    a spring bonnet”

    Yes! I will order several of these…for me and my friends here in Western New York. What a fun and perfect poem for this in-between season weather. Thank you! Happy Poetry Month ahead! xx

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