Like a Fist


Sunset on a lake with a twisted tree

At times sunset
comes down
like a fist,
clenched with
unsaid words,
storms forecast,
and even the color pink
becomes a
of feminine power.

If you are
playing a shell game
with the truth,
pretending acting
is reality,
then even a sunset
or a peaceful march
can be a sneak attack,
a pointless gesture
of sour grapes.

If you participate,
listen and hear,
being open to a message
of goodness and cheer,
then can a sunset
return beauty and peace,
bring spring to your heart
like returning geese,
and usher in a night
of celebration in moonlight.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Once again, I was inspired by Mary Oliver, who writes “There are days/ when the sun goes down/ like a fist” then suggests if it does, you need “your eyes checked” in her poem, The Fist, from her poetry book, Thirst, copyright 2006, Beacon Press Books.

Despite his behavior being aligned with his past follies, I was still astonished by DJT’s reaction to the women’s march, which he described as “pointless” and “smaller” than the inauguration crowd, which is both irrelevant and untrue. His inner landscape must be sad indeed. He is missing opportunities to celebrate and venerate our beautiful democracy in his rush to convince us that our country is a rusted, tombstone-dotted wasteland.

We can celebrate without him. This time around, he is the apprentice, and we are the judges.


33 thoughts on “Like a Fist

  1. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Beautiful inspiring post Brenda as always … Always the cold reminds me of a punch in the throat from how its ability to take our breath away makes me feel … I remember as a child my mum saying dress up warm or you will catch a cold … But years later we find out that heat incubates germs … Must have known never get colds and always in short sleeve t-shirts all year round … Lots of warm hugs … Ian ⭐️😊👍

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  2. i WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO APOLOGIZE for Pres. Trump. That he must become aware of and do so for himself. But…while he and others are emphasizing the relatively trivial…he is getting other things done. Like meeting with major corporation heads…and even the major unions–to work on saving and produciong jobs in this country. (pardon my spelling!) One of his campaign promises was to build a wall along the border with Mexico–and has already statred that process, using legistation passed before Obama sat on it. Trump isn’t saying the right things…but he’s done more to start fulfilling his campaign promises than 8 years of el Presidente’ Obama. Trump is anything but a saint…and he should be trumpeting what he’s actually doing—rather than emphasizing his fights about how many were in which event!

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    • He’s doing things like putting gag orders agencies, freezing hiring and reversing as much of what Obama accomplished as he can. He’s taken the heart out of health care without any plan for what to replace it with. He’s continuing his practice of sowing distrust of the media rather than attempting to be accurate in his facts. Is it really that hard to get the facts right? He will force the pipelines through, despite protestors. He and his cronies financially benefit from the pipelines. I don’t approve of anything he’s done yet. I rank the importance of the environment more highly than he does. I’m not invested in big oil or gas. It’s Obama who didn’t brag about what he did. If you remember, when he took office, the banks went bust — not through any action of his. Unemployment rate is down, standard of living has risen, the economy has been stable. As for the wall, there’s already a wall. But you and I have different priorities. And that’s okay. At least we can have a peace dialogue without rancor, hatred or bile. I want this country to do well, and so do you. That much we can agree on, right?


  3. Love your words Brenda. I wish everyone would keep their eyes and minds open; appreciate what works, and what is great, and ensure that everyone in the US has a decent life. As a non-American it’s not my place to say too much about internal American affairs but whatever Trump tweets or says on foreign policy has the potential to affect my life. So I care, deeply. I don’t know what he’s playing at with China, but I certainly don’t want China and the US having a brawl anywhere near me!

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    • My sign was “Diplomacy NOT Stupidity” because I don’t think Rex Tillerson intends to go to war with China, yet what he said about the South China Seas bases is throwing down the gauntlet. What does he expect China to do? Pack up and leave? Trump and Tillerson don’t understand diplomacy, which is an art. They are businessmen who ram deals down throats and don’t take calls from people they don’t like. Government doesn’t work the same way. It’s scary. I don’t believe most Americans want a war with China. If they do, they can’t have really thought it through. I am embarrassed for my country. I hope I’m wrong, and Trump and Tillerson turn out better than I hope.

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      • I desperately hope so, too. I don’t believe either Tillerson or Trump want war, but when diplomacy is ignored or abused, things happen. 😦 And, of course, when a country builds a mighty army, it usually needs to find something to do with a mighty army or the mighty army gets restless and makes its own mischief. Sigh. Mustn’t be so negative. 🙂 I rather fear I am now in the generation which is too old fashioned to understand the ways of the new “alternativefacts” world.

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    • I didn’t see any signs that bragged about committing sexual assault and getting away with it because they’re rich. I thought some of the signs indicated women would defend themselves. I can see how using the same language would offend people, though. I think some women are angry at having to defend choice at every turn. I try hard to not be an angry person. I chose to see those signs as funny. I can see your point of view, though. Not everyone who marched was comfortable with using the “p” word, but women were responding to a man’s threat not bringing it up out of the blue. I thin sexual harassment and sexual assault are real problems women face. I know I’ve faced them. I think we need to ask the perpetrators to have respect, not ask that the victims not be angry. I hope you weren’t offended by my poetry. I write for kids, so I try not to bring things to that place in what I put here. I want this to be a safe place for people to come, even if they don’t agree. I’m glad you felt safe with me and that you could vent your disagreement. A dialogue is a healthy thing for our democracy.


  4. I love the phrase, “playing a shell game with the truth. ” Lovely photo too.
    I don’t agree on your political views but that’s cool, I love to hear everyone’s point of view. Some of us do live in a rusty tombstone dotted wasteland, and I hope he can help. I choose to have hope until I see differently.

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    • I am sad if your hometown could be described as a rusty, tombstone-dotted wasteland. My grandmother lived in Youngstown, Ohio, and I have relatives all over Ohio and Michigan. I don’t see those places as rusty, tombstone-dotted wastelands. But I can see why he would give you hope if that is your situation. I hope that he lives up to his promises for the midwest. I just don’t think he has the experience to recognize all the traps in diplomacy and trade negotiations. They are not like business negotiations, and he is already making statements that ignore international law. I worry his alliance with Russia will draw us into WWIII. Also, I thought his reaction to the women’s march was astonishing. I would be more than happy to be proved wrong. If he can bring back manufacturing jobs and revitalize the mid-west, I will be happy to change my tune, so long as he doesn’t do it by generally lowering the standard of living for everyone except billionaires. Thanks for commenting and doing me the honor of having faith in my willingness to hear both sides. I appreciate your willingness to hear other points of view. I hope that we can all make bridges and appreciate each other.

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      • It is refreshing to be able to talk about any of this without anger and reprisals. I do understand your worries and I have a few of my own. I just don’t believe the last administration was working and they had 2 tries.

        I love the midwest. I love this whole area. I want to see real change and some of the changes we try to make are impeded by corruption. It’s frustrating. I guess we we will cross fingers, pray hard and watch and see.

        Thank you so much

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