Young Fairy Naiyana

A haiku for the wonderful fairy art by AsheJade at Artful Aspirations:
exhausted from baking
crafting and wrapping treats,
a quiet moment alone
Do you have a haiku to answer why this fairy looks so very sad or tired?

Artful Aspirations

For my next creature creation I used pencil to sketch in my watercolor art journal, and Koi watercolors.

Name: Naiyana

Age: 204 Fae age, around 17 years human age.

Eye color: Hazel Hair: Reddish Brown

Height: 4 feet 5 inches Weight: 87 pounds

Naiyana, a young light fae maiden, rests on an amanita muscaria mushroom under a Dwarf Dogwood in the Light Fae village of Alethea. The cool morning breeze delicately pulls at her hair, and surrounds Naiyana’s sadness with the tiny tree’s leaves’ gentle rustles, and whispers of solace. Why does she mourn? Why is Naiyana full of crushing sadness? What thoughts consume her mind and fill her with an urge to shudder and weep? I too sit and ponder.


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10 thoughts on “Young Fairy Naiyana

  1. I like how Ash is fantastic at creating intriguing characters. She gets detailed in size and personality.
    I really enjoyed Brenda’s imagined holiday preparations wearing out the sweet Naiyana. Nicely paired together, you two!

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