The Light and Poetry Friday


Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
— Leonard CohenAnthem
You can read the remaining lyrics here.
In honor of recently departed Leonard Cohen, a songsmith, wordsmith and inspiration, I wrote a previous poem and this new poem, retyped below because screen readers for the visually-impaired cannot read words inserted in jpegs:
Shine Like Leonard Cohen
Find the words
everyone knows
but sing them deeper
where fear goes
sing them deeper
where hope hides
sing them deeper
where light flows.
Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham
Welcome to Poetry Friday! I’m happy and honored to host Poetry Friday this week for the first time. If you’ve participated before, you know what to do. If you haven’t, you can click the blue box and add a link to your blog of an original poem, a favorite poem or a review of poetry. Or leave your link in the comments.


74 thoughts on “The Light and Poetry Friday

  1. I am so so late to the party! But I’m happy to have been able to sneak in. I am going to poke about a bit as I sit and wait for this cold to be gone. I have 12 coming for Thanksgiving. I cannot be ill.
    Thank you for hosting and thanks for the beautiful tribute to Cohen today.

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  3. “but sing them deeper
    where fear goes”

    May we all find the courage to sing deeply through our fear. Thank you for this important reminder and encouragement. And thank you, too, for hosting today’s roundup. xx

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  5. Thank you for and welcome to hosting, Brenda. It’s a pleasure to do so, and I hope you enjoy it too. I love the way Leonard Cohen’s words inspired your own beautifully inspiring words, those “sing them deeper” lines need to be heard!

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  6. Brenda, thank you for this shiny poem! I am a huge Leonard Cohen fan… “Take This Waltz” may be my favorite ever. Hard to say. Not only did he have that voice, but he was a pretty amazing poet/lyricist. I think he would have loved your poem, as I do. Thank you for hosting!

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  7. Gorgeous poem, Brenda. I feel this way about our country right now, we have to sing out, sing deep and see where the light flows in.

    I’ve got a bookshelf post today, pairing the new picture book THE PRINCESS AND THE FROGS with an old poem by Stevie Smith, “The Frog Prince.”

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    • Hi Diane, I have a friend who uses a screen reader, and it’s a blessing to her to be able to rest her weary eyes and let the screen reader do the work. Otherwise, she has to use a microscopic lens, etc. The world isn’t easy to the differently-abled.


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  9. Brenda, the poem is strikingly beautiful. I’m so impressed with how Poetry Friday contributors respond to our world. This contribution really touches me. I haven’t ever been in tune with Leonard Cohen…..but, the coverage of his death and what he’s brought to our world has been enlightening. I want to learn more. I love how you have honored him. From what I’ve learned I think he would be pleased. Thanks so much for being the LIGHT. And, thank you for hosting Poetry Friday.

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  11. Welcome to the Host side of the table, Brenda! Thanks for rounding up, and for your lovely tribute. I heard just this week about a very established children’s poet whose mentor in the early early days was Leonard Cohen. Thanks for sharing your own words, and his – light through the cracks is always welcome.

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