Autumn Shindig Invitation

Please post a link to your favorite fall artwork, photograph or poem below!

See below to join the party. Here’s mine:


Five Alive

seeds fly
up sky high
letting the wind
find their inner birds until warm earth calls

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Welcome to my Autumn Shindig!

Please post a seasonal link here or in the comments:

Notes: My poem is my first ever tetractys, or a 5-lined, syllable-counting poetry form, organized as follows:

Line 1 – 1 syllable
Line 2 – 2 syllables
Line 3 – 3 syllables
Line 4 – 4 syllables
Line 5 – 10 syllables

To rhyme or not to rhyme, hmmm. Here’s an example from the talented Aussie poet, Kathryn Apel:

as teacher
flees in terror,
huntsman spider ignorant of error.

© Kathryn Apel

Final note: This is my first attempt to use inlinkz. It’s a dry run for getting it to work when I host Poetry Friday this Friday! I’d really appreciate you adding a link. I need to know it’s working!!

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