Canada, You Rock!

It took the Canadians to remind us that America is Great, no matter what happens at tonight’s debate and over the next few weeks.


I have Canadians cousins, and I think Canada is great, too! Let’s try to set aside baseless accusations, lies and fear and get our jobs done. Because in the end, that is what makes America great!

Notes: Kids of all ages have strong emotions about the divisive politics being splashed across every screen in the country and beyond. Let’s not forget who we are. Survivors. We Americans are a race of survivors — survivors of epidemics, plagues, persecution, oppression, world wars, threats, discrimination, violence, hatred and fear. We’ll survive this election, too.

22 thoughts on “Canada, You Rock!

  1. A great video. Positive messages and a sense of perspective is so important to protect us from the negativity being expressed lately. I am a Canadian but I say ‘us’ because we are all in the same boat. I hope people get out to the polls and use their vote wisely.

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  2. Love this! And love my country and Canada.
    However, one can see that Canada may have a vested interest in encouraging us to love our country so as to avoid excessive and undersirable immigration……Ha! Laughing. Just kidding, but they may be just a teeny scared at the prospect. 😉 😉

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  3. From a Canadian: thanks! We love the Americans too & are right there behind you ALL, encouraging All of you to VOTE, use your Voices, & VOTE! VOTE VOTE VOTE! Everyone that can, must! Be sure to check on your neighbours and the elderly in your neighbourhood and be sure they’re all voting too. Because that matters VERY MUCH this term! Remind everyone how much each of our countries fought for The RIGHTS to VOTE; for women, for people of color, for prisoners: everyone’s vote counts always but especially NOW! We rooting for you guys! We’re right there beside y’all on the edge of our seats too! Lol.

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